【Dried Blueberry Squares 蓝莓酥】

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instantpot 2 150x150 【Dried Blueberry Squares 蓝莓酥】

【Dried Blueberry Squares】
by MaomaoMom

Inspired by Junsmore’s Raisin bars, I made these dried blueberry squares. It is similar to shortbread, but with added dried blueberry making it more tastier.

 【Dried Blueberry Squares 蓝莓酥】
Meal type: dessert
Prepare time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Level: low
Yield: 12 servings

1: 1/3 cup + 1 tbsp butter (90g) softened, 1/3 cup sugar (78g), 2 tbsp milk powder (13g);
3: 2.5 extra large egg yolks, 1 tsp vanilla extract;
3: 1½ cups cake & pastry flour (180g), 1/2 tsp baking powder;
4: ½ cup dried blueberries (80g);
5: 1-2 tsp water;
6: egg wash: ½ extra large egg yolk, ½ tsp water, mix well.

1: Preheat oven at 355F/180C. Place all ingredients of Ingredient 1) in a bowl (Picture 1) and beat with a handheld mixer at high speed until fluffy, about 2-3 minutes. Add one egg yolk at a time (Picture 2) and beat at low speed to just mix. Then add 1 tsp vanilla extract (Picture 3) and beat at low speed to mix.

2: Place all ingredients of Ingredient 3) in a bowl and mix very well with a fork. Add the flour mixture to the beaten butter and egg yolk mixture (Picture 4), beat at medium speed to mix (Picture 5). Add dried blueberries (Picture 6) and mix with a spatula. Add 1-2 tsp water to form a dough.

蓝莓酥1 【Dried Blueberry Squares 蓝莓酥】
3: Just knead the dough a couple of times to form a log. Press down and roll out into a 20 x 16 cm flat dough (Pictures 7 & 8). Cut into 12 equal portions (Picture 9).

4: Place squares on a baking pan lined with parchment paper, and brush with egg wash (Picture 10). Bake in preheated oven at 355F/180C for about 15 minutes, until light golden.

蓝莓酥2 【Dried Blueberry Squares 蓝莓酥】
5: Cool the squares on a rack before serving.

 【Dried Blueberry Squares 蓝莓酥】

pf button big 【Dried Blueberry Squares 蓝莓酥】

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26 Responses to 【Dried Blueberry Squares 蓝莓酥】

  1. 小白 says:

    Can I use fresh blueberry instead of the dried ones? How much?

  2. 塔塔 says:


  3. 塔塔 says:


  4. Sue says:

    毛毛妈,你说的cake/pastry flour是混合的,还是哪一种都可以?我看walmart有买whole wheat的,或者是gluten free。是需要whole wheat的吗?

  5. Juan says:





  6. lily says:

    请问毛毛妈您用的是什么样的奶粉?在哪里可以买得到? 谢谢

  7. 蒙蒙 says:


  8. 蔚海蓝天 says:

    请问泡达粉是baking powder吗?

  9. 筝儿 says:

    请问毛毛妈,能用coconut oil代替牛油吗

  10. Cindy says:

    Can I use all purpose flour?

  11. 芒果 says:


  12. Lil D says:

    真是好吃停不下来,还可以和孩子一起做,就是略甜了些。省略了奶粉因为手头没有,蓝莓干换成nuts,面粉是ap。下次用cake flour来做,看看质地差别有多少。谢谢毛毛妈的食谱,餐桌内容丰富不少

  13. Mindy says:


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