【Dim Sum & Desserts】中式点心

【Dim Sum & Desserts】is released!

My first eBook【Dim Sum & Desserts】is finally released! Do you crave the delicious Chinese dim sum and desserts or simply miss the foods that you had as a child back in China? Follow these step-by-step recipes selected from MaomaoMom.com, and enjoy the oriental cuisine or let them take you on a trip down memory lane.

Have a glance of samples:

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Please go to the following link to purchase:

ebook of [Dim Sum & Desserts] for $2.99 CAN

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It is also available at:

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11 Responses to 【Dim Sum & Desserts】中式点心

  1. 宝贝Nathan. says:

    我刚结婚,是厨房新手,也是婚姻新手, 虽然有不愉快但是
    神都在看顾。 一直渴望能有夫妻同心的生活。看到你的生活分享,

  2. Waiwai says:

    请问毛毛妈,电子书只能用paypal来付款吗?我点了“add to cart” 然后就是pay pal 的页面了,并且paypal里面不能用已经Linked信用卡只能用bank account 付吗?Amazon.ca上只有英文没有中文的么?谢谢!

  3. Jiying Ling says:


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