CBC maomaomom News CBC (The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) producer Christine Maki, CBC Radio’s All In A Day host Alan Neal interviewed me on Nov 14.
The interview audio and video can be found here.
 News CBC Radio One host Alan Neal interviewed MaomaoMom and aired on Nov. 21, 2018, 3:30-4:00pm, check it out here!
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6 Responses to News

  1. Liz says:

    Dear MaoMaoMom,

    The 故事与文章 link need to be fixed, the 3 sub menus dissappear when I click on it. I’d like to share the articles with my brethren.

    Thank you very much for your recipes, and the articles are very helpful, too.


  2. Hannah Jin says:

    记得看过您有关于网站制作的文章, 现在怎么找不到了呢?

  3. df says:

    Hi! I’m in Toronto Canada. Please let me have the donation link to your church so the I can buy your 2 ebooks. I don’t like going through Amazon to buy them. Thanks

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