笋尖烧排骨final2 Pork/Beef
麻辣肉丁final Pork/Beef
嫩炒里脊final Pork/Beef
黑胡椒洋葱肉片final Pork/Beef
红糟腐乳蹄膀final Pork/Beef
糖醋排骨final Pork/Beef
红油肉丝final Pork/Beef
红糟烧小排final Pork/Beef
葱炒肉片final Pork/Beef
芙蓉木耳香菇炒肉丝final Pork/Beef
芝麻肉丝final Pork/Beef
红烧排骨final Pork/Beef
五香牛肉final Pork/Beef
青椒炒肉片final Pork/Beef
烧排骨F1 Pork/Beef
姜汁肉片F1 Pork/Beef
酱烧牛肉F2 Pork/Beef
土豆烧蹄膀F1 Pork/Beef
藕丸子F1 Pork/Beef
牛肉炒蚕豆F1 Pork/Beef
红烧猪蹄pf2 Pork/Beef
荷香粉蒸排骨fp2 Pork/Beef
姬松茸烧蹄膀F Pork/Beef
烤排骨21 258x258 Pork/Beef
小笋干烧肉3 Pork/Beef
pf button big Pork/Beef

22 Responses to Pork/Beef

  1. Minjie says:


  2. Violin says:


  3. Amy Leung says:

    Hi Maomao Mom,

    I stumbled upon your website as I was looking for some recipes to cook for my picky eating child. I was delighted to find such a wonderful site with variety of recipes suitable for the whole family! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

    I’ve been trying some recipes and have a question in regards to anka sauce. I’ve searched many local Chinese supermarkets, but none of them carry anka sauce for some
    reason. Is there another ingredient I can substitute with when your recipes call for anka sauce?

    Thank you and wishing you a joyful holiday season with your family.

  4. Chun says:

    Hi 毛毛妈,谢谢您提供那么多菜谱!请问您是不是不吃羊肉呢?没有看到羊肉的做法。谢谢!

  5. Irene says:

    Love the instant pot. I don’t have the blue tooth smart version. After I purchased the 3rd generation instant pot, I wanted to make stock from bones . Can you do thos with the one I have?

  6. Cecilia says:


    I have been looking for an Asian oxtail recipe to cook in the instant pot; do you have one to share please. Thank you kindly.

  7. stacey says:


  8. Ruth says:


  9. Lola Sue says:

    I just bought an instant pot and was looking for a recipe for Chinese curried beef brisket. Do you have one?

    Thank you.

  10. Noorjahan says:

    I am inquiring about one of the reciepes on instant
    Pot. The recipe is called Braised beef shank
    At the bottom of the reciepe it says 1l water
    So what that mean.
    Can you please clarify.


  11. Rosita Chua says:

    Hi Maomao’s Mom, I’ve gone through your recipes here but for the life of me, I can’t find any noodle dish recipe. Once in a while, I have this craving for Chow Mein, Chow Glass Noodle and Chow Rice Vermicelli.

    Please advise. Thank you.

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