Living water

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18 Responses to Living water

  1. Rachel Cui says:

    从同事那听说毛毛妈厨房已很久了,因为想要照着做一道菜,才光顾这里,意外地发现你是基督徒,异常高兴,并告知同事(还在主外)。 感谢神给你这样的恩赐,并且你愿意把福音分享给别人,愿神多多赐福给你,精选菜谱 bestseller! (From Toronto)

  2. 厨房新手 says:


  3. Jenny Dai says:

    早听说毛毛妈的厨房. 没想到还是主内的姊妹. 怪不得这么愿意分享. God made you to be a helper to help others. 愿神更加祝福你和你的全家.

  4. 远方山风 says:


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