Poultry & Egg

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宫保鸡丁2 Poultry & Egg
烤鸡腿3 Poultry & Egg
葱丝炒鸡蛋2 Poultry & Egg
 Poultry & Egg
茶树菇烧鸡3 258x258 Poultry & Egg
 Poultry & Egg
 Poultry & Egg
177 258x258 Poultry & Egg
 Poultry & Egg
pf button big Poultry & Egg

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17 Responses to Poultry & Egg

  1. ViVi says:


  2. Tiantian says:

    Love all your recipe!!! My dad was sick, and it came upon me to prepare all the meals, and I would say this, I would not have survived without your blog. So glad you opened this new one. When I was in the US, I could use the Wenxuecity website, but had difficulties when I returned to China. Now, I come to your website almost daily! Thank you!

    I love all your recipe so much. I bought a small oven, but as expected, the temperature is now what’s shown. I tried to make 发糕 once and 戚风蛋糕, but neither rose up (turned out to be solid and flat), does it mean the temperature is too high or too low? I only want to find out what the 340F/170oC means on my oven, since most of your recipe use this temperature. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    Thank you very much for everything again!


  3. Aud says:


    Will you have any thanksgiving recipes, ex. turkey, ham, and/or veggies?

  4. kinkin says:


  5. 芥末有眼袋 says:



  6. Vinca says:


  7. 吃吃 says:

    你看过Julie and Julia 的电影吗? 现在我像电影里的Julie一样,试着拷贝你所有的食谱.你太棒了.
    我们全家人都很喜欢你的菜. 尤其是我, 因为你所有的的菜不仅味道鲜美,而且还容易做.

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