AirGo南瓜饼Pumpkin Pancake

【AirGo-Pumpkin Pancake】

I love dessert made from glutinous rice flour. Recently, I have started to use lakanto as sugar, a better and healthy one.
With use of AirGo, it is very simple to make it. To purchase go to: AirGo cooker, with a coupon of maomao25 for $25 off.

南瓜饼final AirGo南瓜饼Pumpkin Pancake
Prepare time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Level: low
Serves: 6 servings


1) 140g pumpkin;
2) 120g glutinous rice flour, 2-3 tbsp water;
3) 90g no salt roasted cashew nuts;
4) 3 tbsp lakanto sweetener;
5) 2 tbsp avocado oil or other cooking oil.


1: Peel off the skin of pumpkin, dice and place in a bowl. Place the bowl inside the InstantPot (Picture 1), add 1 cup water to the pot and steam for 10 minutes (Picture 2). Meanwhile, crush the cashew nuts (Picture 2) and mix with 3 tbsp lakanto (Picture 3) as filling. When steaming is done wait for 5 minutes and then release the valve and take out the steamed pumpkin.
2: Mash the pumpkin with a spoon (Picture 4), Add glutinous rice flour (Picture 5) and 2-3 tbsp cold water, combine to form a dough (Picture 6).

南瓜饼l AirGo南瓜饼Pumpkin Pancake

3: Divide the dough into 12 equal portions. Flatten each dough to a circle and place 1.5-2 tsp filling (Picture 7). Carefully work the dough up to cover the filling and seal it. Roll with your palms to form a ball. Deep in sesame seeds (Picture 8) and coat evenly, press down to a 6-7 cm circle (Picture 9-10).
4: Plugin the 【AirGo】cooker, use “Function” to select the “Crepe/Naan” program, set temperature to 400F and time to 15 min. press “start” to initiate the program. Open the lid, brush the pot with 2 tbsp oil, arrange 12 pumpkin pancakes inside the pot (picture 11), then close the lid.

南瓜饼2 AirGo南瓜饼Pumpkin Pancake

5: When only 5-6 min cooking time left (or upon when beeping), open the lid, turn over the pancake (picture 12), close the lid and let the program to finish.
6: When the program ends, open the lid, transfer cooked pancake to a serving plate and serve warm.

pf button big AirGo南瓜饼Pumpkin Pancake

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