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532 Responses to Contact Us

  1. wenwenma says:

    毛毛妈,我们两口子也是在文学城上您忠实的粉丝,经常认真学习您分享给大家的色香味具全的菜谱。最近米饭锅坏了,在Target买了一个Instant Pot的锅,结果我们惊喜的发现您发表的菜谱。祝贺您享誉海外这么多年,并且把“Maomao Mom Kitchen”办得有声有色!您太棒了!加油!

  2. wenwenma says:

    毛毛妈,我们两口子是在文学城上您忠实的粉丝,多年来经常认真学习您分享给大家的色香味具全的菜谱。最近米饭锅坏了,在Target买了一个Instant Pot的锅,结果我们惊喜的发现您发表的菜谱。祝贺您享誉海外这么多年,并且把“Maomao Mom Kitchen”办得有声有色!您太棒了!加油!

  3. Fang says:


  4. Agnes Ma says:

    我剛買了你介紹的electric skillet. 希望你曰後能多介紹這方面的食譜。

    • MaomaoMom says:


      • Agnes Ma says:

        鍋子收到後,發現聯結上下plates的左邊hinge、已無塑膠東西蓋住、因此裡面的彈黃露出來, 因此要求換貨。但被要求先照相寄去公司,再由他們決定能否換貨。我在美國住了近50年,很少跟國外公司買過東西,根本不能接受這种售後服務。當下就要求我的credit card 公司stop payment,並且告訴公司我要退貨而不是換貨。他們才寄來 return label. 做為一個老華僑(我是上海人),經歷過中國的貧弱年代,被多國欺負、佔領。(害我父母帶家人逃到台灣) 近年祖國終於強盛起來,飛機、潛艦也能自造。每次看到這些新聞,真是與有榮焉。(幾次告訴我兒;能在有生之年,看到自已的國家終於站起來了, 心裡真是高興)
        但我不能理解為什麼這類小家電工具的品質不能做的與西方國家一樣好?售後服務這么擾客?我真的很難過。我在寄回退貨後,立刻上amazon.com買了一個”Dash Double Up Skillet & Oven” , 也不過 $48.82. 相信品質不會差。

      • Agnes Ma says:

        鍋子收到後,發現聯結上下plates的左邊hinge、已無塑膠東西蓋住、裡面的彈黃露出來, 因此要求換貨。但被要求先照相寄去公司,再由他們決定能否換貨。我在美國住了近50年,很少跟國外公司買過東西,根本不能接受這种售後服務。當下就要求我的credit card 公司stop payment,並且告訴公司。同時我改要求退貨而不是換貨。他們才寄來 return label. 做為一個老華僑(我是上海人), 經歷過中國的貧弱年代, 被多國欺負、佔領。(害我父母帶家人逃到台灣) 近年祖國終於強盛起來。飛機、潛艦也能自造。每次看到這些新聞,真是與有榮焉。(幾次告訴我兒;能在有生之年,看到自已的國家終於站起來了, 心裡真是高興)
        但我不能理解為什麼這類小家電工具的品質不能做的與西方國家一樣好?售後服務這么擾客?我真的很難過。(我在寄回退貨後,立刻上amazon.com買了一個”Dash Double Up Skillet & Oven” , 也不過 $48.82. 相信品質不會差。)

  5. Stephanie says:

    毛毛媽,我想買一個instant pot, 但不知道應該買6 quart 還是 8 quart 的尺寸。可以請教您的食譜是用那個尺寸的Instant Pot 嗎? 謝謝。

  6. Hannah says:


  7. Maggie says:

    毛毛妈,我想买个和面的机器,请问是买你那种面包机好呢,还是kitchenaid stand mixer好呢?请分享你的体会,谢谢。

  8. 小蜜蜂 says:


  9. Gladys says:

    Thank you for your recipes. 請問可以用 INSTANT POT 作隔水燉煱嗎?


  10. Nancy says:

    I made your turnip cake and it came out watery. Do I need to drain the daikon before I use it? Thank you.

  11. ling Zhang says:

    please add my we chat:6479965162.
    I am in Toronto and also works in science field. I am a biologist.

  12. Rená Briggs-Palma says:

    I received the Instant Pot with its enclosed recipe book for Xmas.
    I love your recipes in the book and am getting ready to try 1 but it’s a little confusing & I want to get it right. Page 31 Ckn & Potato Rice. It calls for 1tbsp o sesame oil. It says you add it to the pot when cooking but also it says to add it at the end with the other green onion. Do I just divide that tbsp in half or is it a typo & I just add it 1 time? Which time?
    Thank you,
    Rená (in Tollhouse, California

    P.S. Also your recipe for Ribs with Glutinous Rice on page 28 is incomplete incomplete. I thought that perhaps it just needed: decorate with 1 tbsp of finely chopped green onions after the and.
    Like your recipe on pg. 32

  13. Kathleen Bryce says:

    I saw a recipe for steamed eggs on your site just the other day in the instant pot and when I came back to your site today to get the recipe I could not find it. It’s just the plain egg with chicken broth……nothing else…..
    where is the recipe ? (v)

  14. matt says:

    Hi team at maomaomom

    How are you?

    Do you offer article placements on your site:

    - We would get the article written which will fit the nature/topic of your site.
    - In the article there is a good chance there will be a link going to a gaming/betting review site, which will be very well integrated.
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    What are your rates for such a placement?

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Matt – Media Manager

  15. Joanne says:

    I bought an Instant Pot and would like to know if you can show me and do you have the recipes for the following:

    1. Dim Sum style braised chicken feet
    2. Taro cake

    Thank you.


  16. Joanne says:


    I had bought a Instant Pot and would like to know if you can show me and do you have the recipes for the following:

    1. Dim Sum style braised chicken feet
    2. Taro cake

    Thank you.


  17. shirleychen says:


  18. Janine Hakim says:

    Good evening MaomaoMom ….Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and delicious recipes ….
    PLEASE put me on your email list so I can be notified when you make new posts   谢 谢 您 的 帮 助 xiè xie nǐn de  bāng zhù

  19. 劉珍寶 says:


  20. Ling says:



  21. Angela Fung says:

    Receipt No: 1019-5585-8938-4019
    I just purchase the instant pot receipt but lost it . can you please send it again, thanks

  22. Lisa Ching says:

    Hi Maomao Mom,
    I’m very happy to buy your cookbook
    【InstantPot 70 Delicious Dishes 七十道美味菜】

    Receipt No: 4564-0695-9001-7419

    Could you please email me a PDF formate cookbook via

    Thank you very much!
    Happy cooking!

    Lisa Ching

  23. meizi says:


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