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524 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Jason says:


  2. Ss says:



  3. Jamie says:

    你的电邮系统不work,能给我发个邮件吗? Have something serious to discuss with You. Thanks!

  4. Angie Pan says:

    Would you please advise me the prices are listed on are Canadian $ or US $?
    Do they delivery to BC Canada?

  5. Yan says:

    你好毛毛妈,我一直很喜欢你推荐的那款BB 霜。用了很久了。 可是最近一两年我发现很难买到了。 请问你现在还在用那款吗?通常在哪里购买? 谢谢。

  6. 董薇 says:


    我叫董薇,在Sun Global Media USA Ltd. 工作(公司官网。我们公司位于美国马里兰州,主要是设计和销售中文电视机顶盒产品及相关服务。公司是中视国际长城平台授权的海外合作伙伴,所以我们的产品中所收录及播放的电视内容均为正版。毛毛妈厨房是北美知名的生活类门户网站,所以我们很想和毛毛妈厨房进行合作,从而更好的开拓北美市场。

    我的联系方式是443-824-2389 或者。如果可以的话,我们可否做一个con call来聊一下?我也想给您介绍一下我们的公司和产品,看看我们能怎么合作。



    Sun Global Media USA Ltd.
    7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 460
    Rockville MD 20855
    Cell: 443-824-2389

  7. Shandy says:

    毛毛妈, 你好!

    我4年前来渥太华,第一件事就是买了InstantPot. 当时是在Gatinue 一个代理处买的,后来看到T&T也有卖,现在没了。 请问目前在咱们渥村怎么买 Istant这个高压锅呢,优惠卷在哪里呢,官网能邮到咱们这里么?究竟如何方便买呢。谢谢您指点。

  8. Agnes Ma says:

    花皮豆(Romano beans)— Where do you find this? Hoping to find this vegetable, but I failed after going to 7 or 8 different supermarkets near my home town. (By the way, I live in bay area i.e. California).

  9. Lee says:


  10. 露露 says:

    毛毛妈,请问哪个Gastrolux Fry Pan 能在电磁炉上使用吗?谢谢!

  11. Agnes Ma says:

    On step 4 of your “braised short rib recipe”, you mentioned to cook for 20 minutes after adding the mushrooms & black wood ears. If I want to use my pressure cooker, is this 20 minutes still remain valid or the timing should be reduced?

    Pls advise. tks.

  12. Agnes Ma says:

    By the way, on my last email to you, I forgot to mention that you did not use Anka Sauce either in the ingredient section nor did you use in your method section. ( Both English and Chinese version)

    Pls advise.

  13. linda says:


  14. says:


  15. ying says:

    毛毛妈,您好!很高兴结识您的这个网站,真的是太好了!我现在有个小小的问题,想请您帮帮我!我想买一款电压力锅,就是您网站推荐的,但是好多款 ,您可不可以帮帮我,推荐一款!谢谢!祝您工作愉快!

  16. Javier says:

    Thanks for the ginseng soup recipe, currently living in South Korea and is a very expensive dish in the restaurant.

    I follow your advice!

  17. Mary Wu says:

    您在食谱中提到的小苏打(糯米藕做法)以及苏打粉(紫薯粥做法)是否为同一种东西? 他们的英文名称是什么?是Baking Powder 还是Baking Soda?

    请您在百忙中给予解释为盼, 谢谢!

  18. Hi ,
    In your recipe for steaming turnip cake – can I use a pyrex dish instead of
    glasslock container(not sure what this is) as you mentioned??

    Also, is it neccesary to use a special kind of glass container to steam different foods e.g. spareribs, fish etc – in the pressure cooker – that will not crack or break under pressure during steaming?

    Looking forward to your advice

  19. nina says:


  20. Hui says:


    我照您的方子,做了好多好吃的东西,太喜欢您啦。后来发现我在南京十中读书的时候,您在南大。 真自豪有这样的老乡。您可以把我加进您的微信群吗?huiviking 太感谢了。


  21. Xiuping says:


  22. isabel says:

    1. 跟着您做了不少中式菜,现在想换换口味做西式主食。但是您好像没有这一栏啊。能不能介绍一点?谢谢。

    2. 有个问题。用您的发面的方法做不带肉馅的馒头花卷啊什么的特别好。但是一放了肉,二次醒面的效果就大打折扣,蒸出来也就不行了。您会不会有经验是什么原因呢。

  23. isabel says:

    1. 跟着您做了不少中式菜,现在想换换口味做西式主食。但是您好像没有这一栏啊。能不能介绍一点?

    2. 有个问题。用您的发面的方法做不带肉馅的馒头花卷啊什么的特别好。但是一放了肉,二次醒面的效果就大打折扣,蒸出来也就不行了。您有经验会是什么原因呢。


  24. Darren says:

    Dear Maomaomom:

    Great website! I’m looking for a dessert recipe that my grandmother’s used to make. The chinese name translates to 9-layer cake. It was made with tapioca and brown sugar. You would add a thin layer of batter to a pan, steam it until it set and then pour another layer of batter and steam again until you had all the layers. Do you have a recipe for this?


  25. Racquel says:

    Hi! Our daughter will be moving to HK for college this Sept 2016 and we are looking for a multi-function cooker. How/Where do I buy InstantPot in HK?

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