InstantPot酒酿JiuNiang-Sweet Fermented Rice

【JiuNiang-Sweet Fermented Rice】
by MaomaoMom

All newer models of InstantPot , such as 7-1, 9-1 and 10-1 have Yogurt function. When use Yogurt+Less (low) function, it is very convenient to make Chinese favored sweet fermented rice!

%E9%85%92%E9%85%BFfinal InstantPot酒酿JiuNiang Sweet Fermented Rice
Meal type: dessert
Prepare time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 24-30 hours
Level: low
Serves: 6 servings

1. 2 cups stick rice, 2 cups cold water;
2. ½ Shanghai yeast ball or ½ package Anqi yeast powder, 1.25 cups boiled water cooled to room temperature, 1 tbsp sugar.


1: It is recommended to thoroughly wash container, cups and spoon needed and then rinse with just boiled water.
2: Rinse rice (Picture 1) with water and darin. Plugin your InstantPot, add rice to the inner pot and then add 2 cups water (Picture 2), close the lid, valve in close position, select “Rice” function and start (Picture 3).
3: When program ends, wait for about 4 minutes, release the pressure and open the lid (Picture 4) and take out the inner pot, stir to mix the rice and place in ¼ cold water filled sink to cool the rice (Picture 5) for about 10 minutes until lukewarm.

InstantPot酒酿11 InstantPot酒酿JiuNiang Sweet Fermented Rice

4: If you use yeast ball, crush it and dissolve it in 1.25 cups lukewarm boiled water, then pour to rice. Otherwise, add the yeast powder (Picture 6) to the rice (Picture 7), then add 1.25 cups lukewarm boiled water and sugar, mix well. Use a clean spoon and make a hole in the center and smooth out the rice (Picture 8).
5: Put the inner pot back to the InstantPot, close the lid and press/select “Yogurt” and Less (Low) function with default 24 hours, you can adjust to increase time to 30 hours for a better result, start the program.
6: When it is done, take out the fermented rice and store in clean and sealed container, chill for 24 hours before serving.

%E9%85%92%E9%85%BFfinal InstantPot酒酿JiuNiang Sweet Fermented Rice

pf button big InstantPot酒酿JiuNiang Sweet Fermented Rice

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