Peach & Meringue Cheesecake 桃子乳酪蛋糕

【Peach & Meringue Cheesecake】
by MaomaoMom

I found a Polish cheesecake recipe on Pinterest. With the help of Google translate and some of my imagination, I made this peach & meringue cheesecake. My family and friends love it.

乳酪桃子酥糕F1 Peach & Meringue Cheesecake 桃子乳酪蛋糕

Meal type: dessert
Prepare time: 45 minutes
Cook time: 45 minutes
Level: Medium
Serves: 24 servings

1) 2 and 3/4 cups all purpose flour (440g), 3 tbsp sugar (42g), 2 tsp baking powder;
2) 3/4 cup+1.5 tbsp butter (200g), diced and chilled in the fridge before use;
3) 4 extra large egg yolk;

Cream cheese filling:
4) 500g Kraft PHILADELPHIA cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar (105g), 1 extra large egg yolk, 1 extra large egg;
5) 1 can of peach slices (796 ml);

6) 5 extra large egg whites, ½ tsp white vinegar or 1/3 tsp cream of tartar, 2/3 cup sugar (140g).

1: Place all ingredients of Ingredient 1) in a bowl and mix well with a fork (Picture 1). Take out the chilled butter cubes, work butter into flour using your fingers or a pastry blender until the mixture become crumbs (Picture 2). Add 4 egg yolks (Picture 3) and mix well with a fork (Picture 4).

2: Spray 22×32 cm baking dish with PAM. Pour 2/3 of the flour mixture into the baking dish. Press it down evenly, leaving the edges 1/2 inch higher (Picture 5).

乳酪桃子酥糕1 Peach & Meringue Cheesecake 桃子乳酪蛋糕

3: In another bowl, measure in all ingredients of Ingredient 4) (Picture 6). Beat at high for 2-3 minutes with a handheld mixer until combined (Picture 7). Pour the cream cheese on top of the crust and spread evenly (Picture 8).

4: Preheat oven at 350F. Arrange peach slices on the top (Picture 9). Add white vinegar or cream of tartar to the egg whites. Beat with a clean and dry handheld mixer on high speed for 2-3 minutes until foamy. Gradually add 2/3 cup sugar while continue beating for 3-5 minutes until stiff (Picture 10).

乳酪桃子酥糕2 Peach & Meringue Cheesecake 桃子乳酪蛋糕

5: Pour beaten egg whites over the peach slices and smooth the top (Picture 11). Sprinkle the remaining 1/3 flour mixture (Picture 12). Bake at 350F for 45 minutes until the topping turns golden brown.

6: Cool the cake to room temperature, cut into 24 squares before serving.

乳酪桃子酥糕F1 Peach & Meringue Cheesecake 桃子乳酪蛋糕

pf button big Peach & Meringue Cheesecake 桃子乳酪蛋糕

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152 Responses to Peach & Meringue Cheesecake 桃子乳酪蛋糕

  1. 丑小鸭 says:

    毛毛妈, 黄油是要加盐的还是unsalted的?

  2. Wen says:


  3. violet says:


  4. Lucy says:


  5. 无弦琴 says:


  6. Totoro says:


  7. dan says:

    请问要用水浴法烤吗 ?

  8. Tennis Mom says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Turned out very good just as expected. Wondering what is the best way to keep the remaing cake overnight? In refrigerator?

    I would think it will taste better when it is cold, right?

  9. Tennis Mom says:

    Thanks so much! I made it again last weekend, and it turned out really nice. Everyone loved it! Your recipe is so fool proof! I have tried most of your dessert recipes, every single one turned out great!

    Have you experiment different fruits other than peach? I would think apricot, mango or mandarin orange would probably be great choices too since their textures are similar to peach.

    Thanks again for sharing so many great recipes and enriching my life! God Bless!

  10. Michelle says:


  11. sishi says:


  12. sishi says:


  13. Jeffrey says:

    第一次做,用了其他牌子的cream cheese,结果 cheese filling 太稀,做出来的 cake 太软,而且出水。不过,味道还可以。

    第二次做换成 PHILADELPHIA cream cheese 就好多了。

    我用的是 convect bake,烤好后表面的颜色是棕色的(吃起来没有糊味儿),不是照片中的金黄色。请问是不是可以把温度调低些?

  14. Joanne says:

    我想问, 这个分量有点儿大, 都减半是不是可以呀

  15. Angie says:



  16. Susan says:



  17. jin says:



    只是有个小小的烦恼, 我们用的烤蛋糕的盘,也涂了油,但是,还是很难把它移出来。拿出来,都散了。味道还是很好。不能切成您展示的那样漂漂亮亮的去送朋友。 有什么建议吗?


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