RoPot automatic cooker recipe

June 2016, I got this amazing 【Ropot automatic cooker】, it has Stir fry, Sauté, Pan fry, stew, braise and Deep fry functions, one button finishes cooking, cooking fume free and healthy cooking! I have been using this automatic cooker for the past a couple of months, really love it. If you like to have one, please go to to purchase, you can use coupon of Maomaomom88 for $30 off.
 RoPot automatic cooker recipe

 RoPot automatic cooker recipe
油炸花生米final RoPot automatic cooker recipe
pf button big RoPot automatic cooker recipe

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  1. Ellen says:

    请问你Ropot的不粘锅内膜容易掉吗?有没有你从前推荐的那个不粘锅的内膜耐用,从前好像是度钛的?我特别关心那个NON-STICK 的质量以及是否健康。听别人讲NON-STICK 的膜有致癌物质不知是否是真的?

  2. Deng Qi says:

    What is the main difference between this pot and the T-Fal Fry maker? I found it is hard to use Fry maker to do Chinese dish.

  3. 安娜 says:


  4. 安娜 says:


  5. Amber says:


  6. Lily says:


  7. Lily says:


  8. Lily says:


  9. Jayjay says:

    毛毛妈,您好,谢谢您的菜谱,想买Ropot,但还是有些疑问,比如,Ropot宣称无烟,但它的温控是不高于220摄氏度,但大部分健康用油的烟点是低于220度,那它是如何保证无烟的,有点忽悠的味道吧?再者,炒与爆炒的温控是不是不一样?捷赛E151的温控是不高于180摄氏度,它宣称无烟,理论上是没问题的,Ropot不行吧。请毛毛妈指教一下吧。我发现您的菜多用AVOCADO 0IL,是不是考虑到Ropot炒菜温度太高了?

    • MaomaoMom says:


      • jayjay says:

        谢谢毛毛妈分享。以下是Ropot Support 的回复,我觉得有道理,贴出来分享。如果能自己设定温度就好了。

        另外Gemside E151 您有没有用过?去年促销时没买,觉得就是把食料杂混,靠水煮熟而已,可能还会糊。

        Thanks for showing interests on our Ropot.
        Ropot has many accurate temperature sensors and programs to control the temperature below 220c in order to eliminate oil smoke and produce delicious food for customers.

        You are right, if the temperature reaches 170-180c, oil starts to smoke a bit. But that does not mean you can only control the temp below 180c to cook food. Because that won’t produce good results for stir-fry, saute, pan-fry, deep-fry cookings etc. Especially for stir-fry and saute functions, we would like to get delicious food without oil smoke!

        We did tremendous amount of tests to design the Ropot, to find out the best temp is below 220c, thus you can get a little bit oil smoke (In Chinese we call it Oil Flavor:油香)instead of the large amount of oil smoke (油烟).

        When the temp reaches 250c, oil will produce a large amount of oil smoke. This is the common problem which many household families have. Because human being can not control the temp as accurate as machine can do. Overheating from the general kitchen stove caused a lot of issues: food over burnt, fry-pan changed shape, non-stick layer peered off, oil smoke every where, etc. Our Ropot permanently fixed these issues without sacrificing the flavor of the cooking. Also, customers do not need to manually stir the food to intake oil smoke when standing close to the stove. It saves time as well as saves health at the same time!

        Please also remember, the Ropot cooks food in a container, which has both upper and lower heating elements, to form a enclosed-ventilated space to cap the only a little bit oil smoke generated inside the inner pot. And the filter system on the upper lid will only allow steam goes out. Thus, there will be no oil smoke comes out from the Ropot during cooking. It is a truly smoke-free cooking.

        By comparing to GEMSide E151, that machine can not do stir-fry, saute, pan-fry etc. functions. It has lower temperature cooking since it boils (water boils at 100c) food with auto sauce reduction function. It is similar as pressure cooker to boil the food instead of stir-fry it. Thus, it does not requires high temp cooking. So, it won’t get the same cooking results as Ropot.

        Hope that can help. Please feel free to let us know if you have further questions.

        Thanks and Best Regards,

        Ropot Support
        SimLife Inc.

  10. 心桥 says:


  11. SDSR says:


  12. Vivian says:

    毛毛妈,我也买了一个RoPot, 我发现炒青菜用Stir Fry程序后还有很多汁。请教您是怎么处理的? 多谢!

  13. lily says:


  14. sabrina says:


    How do you wash/clean the lid of the RoPot cooking machine after cooking each day?

    Thank you!

  15. shu wei says:

    Just wondering what the difference between the one and the air fryer? Could you please share some ideas? Thanks. And also it seems the company locates in Ontario Canada but the price is in US $. Do you know why? Thanks for your time and help in advance.

  16. Jean Chin says:


  17. Fang Chen says:

    在你的影响下我也买了这炒菜锅.很喜欢.谢谢. Maomao mom, 你一定要多多写菜谱.天天向你学习做菜.

  18. david says:

    can yo make sushi the are my kids best

  19. david says:

    can you make sushi the are my kids best and can you make ice

  20. Nan Li says:

    Hi MaomaoMa,

    I noticed that you used this pot to make a lot vegetable dish. Is the stir-fry function good with making beef or lamp?


  21. 汤太太 says:

    这个炒菜锅很好用. 我去年买的但是这几天发现盖子里加热的panel开始掉黑色的漆。我炒的菜里也有。 不知道这漆有没有毒。 想问一下其它人有没有同样的defect.

  22. Cindy says:

    Thanks to you Maomaomom for your coupon! I used it today and it worked!

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