June 2016, I got this amazing 【Ropot automatic cooker】, it has Stir fry, Sauté, Pan fry, stew, braise and Deep fry functions, one button finishes cooking, cooking fume free and healthy cooking! I have been using this automatic cooker for the past a couple of months, really love it. If you like to have one, please go to to purchase, you can use coupon of Maomaomom88 for $30 off.

油炸花生米final RoPot/Recipe
pf button big RoPot/Recipe

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  1. 汤太太 says:

    这个炒菜锅很好用. 我去年买的但是这几天发现盖子里加热的panel开始掉黑色的漆。我炒的菜里也有。 不知道这漆有没有毒。 想问一下其它人有没有同样的defect.

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks to you Maomaomom for your coupon! I used it today and it worked!

  3. Eliza says:

    我在上年訂了這個炒菜鍋,很好用!但是用了沒多久攪拌棒的塗層就開始脫落,不知還可不可以用,對身體有沒有害處? 請問可不可以定攪拌棒替換呢?

  4. Jennifer says:

    請問自動炒菜機菜譜將會在 賣嗎?

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