Stuffed Egg 鲜肉酿蛋

【Stuffed Egg】
by MaomaoMom

This is a healthy steamed dish made only from egg white and lean ground pork, very delicious. You may want to try this dish with your guests.

鲜肉酿蛋final Stuffed Egg 鲜肉酿蛋
Meal type: Pork, egg
Prepare time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes
Level: Low
Serves: 6 servings

1) 45g extra lean ground pork;
2) 1 tsp chopped green onion, 1/3tsp premium soy sauce , 1/3 tsp light soy sauce, 1/3 tsp dark soy sauce, 1/8 tsp salt, 1/12 tsp ground white pepper, 1 tsp corn starch, 1/4 tsp sesame oil, 1/8 tsp chicken broth mix, 4 tsp water;
3) 3 extra large eggs;
4) ½ baby carrot, 1 tsp chopped green onion;
5) 1tbsp premium oyster sauce , ¼ cup water.


1: Combine all ingredients of Ingredient 1) to 2) in a bowl (Picture 1). Stir in one direction for 3 minutes with a wooden spoon, until the mixture becomes sticky (Picture 2). Peel off carrot skin, rinse with water and then chop (Picture 3), set aside.
2: In a medium sauce pot, fill with 2 cup water and place 3 eggs in, cover the pot. Bring to boil on medium-high heat and reduce heat to low-medium for 10 minutes (Picture 4). Immediately rinse boiled eggs with cold water. When cooled, remove egg shells.
3: Cut egg in half (Picture 5), remove egg yolk. Fill each half with 1.5 tsp meat filling (Picture 6). Place stuffed egg halves on a plate.

鲜肉酿蛋1 Stuffed Egg 鲜肉酿蛋

4: Fill water to 1-cup mark in the InstantPot pressure cooker. Place the plate on the steam rack inside the InstantPot (Picture 7). Cover the lid and turn the pressure valve to the Seal position. Press the “Steam” button and set 10 minutes of cooking time (Picture 8). When it is done, wait for another 2 minutes. Slowly release the pressure then open the lid. Take out the steamed stuffed egg halves (Picture 9).
5: Transfer egg halves to a clean plate, scatter some chopped carrot and chopped green onion. Add 1 tbsp oyster sauce and ¼ cup water in a small sauce pan over high heat and bring to boil. Pour the sauce over the egg halves before serving.

鲜肉酿蛋final Stuffed Egg 鲜肉酿蛋

pf button big Stuffed Egg 鲜肉酿蛋

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