instantpot 2 InstantPot菜谱


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肉丸蒸蛋final InstantPot菜谱
huasenfinal InstantPot菜谱
yansuiyafinal InstantPot菜谱
红糟腐乳蹄膀final InstantPot菜谱
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%E9%85%92%E9%85%BFfinal InstantPot菜谱
%E7%BA%A2%E7%B3%9F%E7%89%9B%E8%82%89fin InstantPot菜谱
糖醋排骨final InstantPot菜谱
干豆角烧排骨final InstantPot菜谱
小芋头油饭final InstantPot菜谱
香肠木薯燕麦米饭final InstantPot菜谱
烧排骨F1 InstantPot菜谱
红烧排骨final InstantPot菜谱
腊肠土豆饭F1 InstantPot菜谱
酱烧牛肉F2 InstantPot菜谱
荷香粉蒸排骨fp2 InstantPot菜谱
姬松茸烧蹄膀F InstantPot菜谱
土豆烧蹄膀F1 InstantPot菜谱
小笋干烧肉3 InstantPot菜谱
红烧猪蹄pf2 InstantPot菜谱
香辣凉拌鸡2 258x258 InstantPot菜谱
粉蒸排骨21 258x258 InstantPot菜谱
碗仔米糕2 258x258 InstantPot菜谱
蒜蓉豆豉蒸鸡球3 258x258 InstantPot菜谱
pf button big InstantPot菜谱

256 Responses to InstantPot菜谱

  1. Kerry says:

    You can not cook a conventional cake in the IP. In order to cook the food the IP requires moisture, like water, if there isn’t enough moisture, if it runs out, the pot will get too hot.

  2. Lawrence Wickert says:


    Found your Steamed Pork Ribs with Crushed Rice recipe in the “Instant Pot Recipe Booklet”.

    I can’t get Glutinous Rice or Sticky Rice where I live. Can I just use Jasmine rice?

    In Step 2 is the rice pre-cooked or raw? All dry ingredients: rice, peppercorns, anise, stick cinnamon. No liquid or oil???

    I have 2-1/2 lbs of ribs. Should I increase the cooking time?

    Thanky you for any advice. Larry in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

  3. Yang Yang says:


    I just purchased your instant pot recipes. Receipt # 0DH89663AX706343R.

    Thank you!

  4. Yang says:

    Hello Maomaomom,

    I just purchased your instant pot recipes. Receipt # 0DH89663AX706343R

    Thank you!

  5. Min Miao says:

    instant pot能做面包吗?怎么做?

  6. Sandy says:


  7. Shirley Yin says:


  8. Jo says:

    请问毛毛妈,用instant pot 煮白米饭时水和米的比例怎么掌握啊?多谢了!

  9. Banky Chen says:

    看到一些用煮的压力煮鸡精的. 不知道毛毛妈有没有用instant pot 煮鸡精呢?有的话,请给一个友情链接。先谢谢了。

  10. Tony DeClara says:

    I did your Chicken and Potato Rice recipe that I found in the recipe book for the Instant pot I purchased. It turned out really great but the recipe calls for cloves but cloves is not listed in the list of ingredients. I used the star anise so unless you meant the cloves in that.

  11. Ling says:



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