【Chinese Boiled Chicken with Hot Pepper Relish】

【Chinese Boiled Chicken with Hot Pepper Relish】

By MaomaoMom

This is a traditional Chinese dish of boiled chicken with a twist of homemade hot pepper relish sauce.

 【Chinese Boiled Chicken with Hot Pepper Relish】
Prepare time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 35 minutes
Stand time: 30 minutes
Level: medium
Serves: 8 servings

1) 1 whole chicken 1450g, rinsed under cold water;
2) 1 green onion cut to 1-inch long pieces, 10g fresh ginger sliced;
3) 10 cups cold water, 2 cups ice, 2 tbsp salt;
4) 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp freshly minced garlic, 1 tbsp finely chopped green onion, 2 tsp minced ginger root, 1/3 tsp peppercorn powder;
5) 2 tbsp hot pepper relish, minced, 2 tsp black vinegar, 1 tbsp Yummy House soy sauce, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp chili oil, 2 tbsp cold water, 1/6 tbsp chicken broth mix, 1 tsp sesame oil.


1: In a large pot, add 8 cups water and all ingredients of Ingredient 2), and bring to a boil. Hold one chicken leg to immerse itin boiling water for 10 seconds, then rinse with cold water. Repeat the process one more time. Put the chicken back into the boiling water (Picture 1). Cover the lid and turn down the heat to minimum, simmer for 30 minutes.
2: In a large container, combine all ingredients of Ingredient 3). Transfer the cooked chicken into this cold water bath (Picture 2) for 30 minutes.

 【Chinese Boiled Chicken with Hot Pepper Relish】

3: Non-stick sauté pan on medium-high heat, add 1 tbsp olive oil, sauté the rest of Ingredient 4) for a minute (Picture 3). Remove from the heat and transfer the contents to a small bowl. Add minced hot pepper relish (Picture 4) and rest of Ingredient 5), mix well.
4: Cut the chicken into small pieces and place on a serving plate. Pour the sauce over the chicken before serving.

糊涂鸡pf3 【Chinese Boiled Chicken with Hot Pepper Relish】

pf button big 【Chinese Boiled Chicken with Hot Pepper Relish】

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