Sweet Silken Tofu 豆腐花

【Sweet Silken Tofu】
by MaomaoMom

When I visited China last month, I bought a bag of glucono delta lactone, a neutral coagulant in making silken tofu. Recently, I received a soy milk maker; it is the latest model of Joyoun DJ13U-D08SG Soymilk Machine. I tried to make sweet silken tofu today and it turned out to be quite successful.

豆腐花F1 Sweet Silken Tofu 豆腐花
Prepare Time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 25 minutes
Level: Easy
Serves: 4 servings


1) ½ cup dried soybeans (90g), 2 cups cold water;
2) 3.5 cups cold water;
3) 1/4-1/3 tsp glucono delta lactone powder, 1.5 tbsp cold boiled or bottled water;
4) 4×1 tbsp honey.


1: Rinse soybeans under cold water then soak with 2 cups of cold water overnight. The next day morning, rinse again and drain well.

2: Place soaked soy beans inside the Soy milk maker (Picture 1). Add 3.5 cups cold water.

3: Cover the lid, press “Select” button and select “Soaked bean” program. Then press “Start” button (Picture 2). It takes about 25 minutes to finish the program. Meanwhile, place glucono delta lactone (Picture 3) and 1.5 tbsp water in a big bowl, mix until it is completely dissolved (Picture 4). Set aside.

豆腐花1 Sweet Silken Tofu 豆腐花
4: When the soy milk maker program is done and you hear the beeping sound, unplug and open the lid (Picture 5). Carefully pour the mixture through a sieve (Picture 7). Stir with a chopstick to speed up the process. Discard the soy pulp or save it to make pancakes.

5: Pour filtered soy milk into the glucono delta lactone and water bowl (Picture 8). Let it stand for 25 minutes until tofu sets.

6: Divide silken tofu into 4 small bowls. Stir in 1 tbsp honey to each bowl before serving.

豆腐花F1 Sweet Silken Tofu 豆腐花

pf button big Sweet Silken Tofu 豆腐花

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  1. 请教 says:

    但是没有 内酯 ,可以用什么东西代替吗?

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    毛毛妈,我做了两次, 但是都不会凝结。 还是象稠糊糊的豆浆。 为什么哪?谢谢

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