Hi, I am MaomaoMom and welcome to MaomaoMom Kitchen, where I share my favorite recipes using basic ingredients with step-by-step instructions. I am a mom, wife, scientist and food lover. I came to Canada in the late ’80s to join my husband who was studying at UBC. A few years later, we left the beautiful city of Vancouver and moved to Ottawa after we both finished our graduate studies.

I started helping out in the kitchen at a young age, and learned from my grandma how to make noodles and Chinese buns. I always enjoyed cooking but only seriously took it on after my son Maomao (a popular Chinese nickname, just like “sweetie” in English) was born. He was a fussy eater when he was little, and I made a great deal of efforts to try and create different recipes. Now at 16 and 6 feet tall, he eats very well and is conscious of making healthier food choices. My cooking has won his heart that he has little craving for junk food. In today’s fast-paced life, people have less time to prepare wholesome and tasty dishes. As a scientist in Chemistry, I bring lab techniques and skills into my kitchen. I’ve made a mission to bring together the healthy eating and the traditional Chinese cuisine by using high quality ingredients, simplifying procedures, and choosing healthy foods.

In 2006, I started my cooking blog MaomaoMom Kitchen and soon it became very popular among overseas Chinese. Within 5 years, the total views of my blog reached 20 million. In March 2011, I started my own website MaomaoMom.com so that my friends and relatives in China can read my blog. In June 2011, my first cookbook in Chinese was published and distributed through my church as a means to raise fund. Over the years, my friends and colleagues have tried many of my dishes, and I always receive wonderful compliments. My colleagues have suggested that I write the recipes in both languages, so the non-Chinese readers can make these wonderful dishes. However, as busy as I am, I haven’t put in extra effort to make it happen.

The past Saturday was my birthday. Weekends are always busy for me and this one was no exception. We bought fresh meat and vegetables at a nearby farm, did laundry and house cleaning. We then went to a sushi restaurant for lunch to celebrate that I am getting one year younger! For dinner I made Chinese flat bread with pulled pork, topped with chopped fresh cilantro. Maomao said to me: “It’s so yummy! Mom, I want to learn how to make this dish.” That night my husband and I watched the movie “Julie & Julia”.

Meryl Streep was amazing! I was inspired by both characters, their passion for food and their love and dedication to their loved ones. Julie Powell made a decision on her 30th birthday to cook all 524 recipes in Child’s cookbook in 365 days. I’ve decided that I will blog my recipes in both English and Chinese from now on. This not only allows my son and his future family to read these recipes and pass our loved dishes through generations, but also reaches a wider audience so that more food loving families are able to enjoy them.

All original recipes are from different sources such as cooking books and websites, however, all are tested in MaomaoMom Kitchen and instructions are from my own experiences, DO NOT copy and post the contents and photos from MaomaoMom Kitchen to other websites and media.  

Last but not least, I love hearing your cooking experience and stories. So please ask questions, leave comments and share your thoughts.

MaomaoMom, July, 2012

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    I’m new to pressure cooking and I do a lot of Asian cooking and would like to receive your recipes.

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    My parents are Chinese but I do not understand anything in Chinese. Your website looks amazing. Do you have a newsletter or email I can subscribe to receive updates and new postings please? Thank you!

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