AirGo- Glutinous Rice Cake with Sesame filling

【AirGo- Glutinous Rice Cake with Sesame filling】

Sesame ball is a Chinese dessert that you can find in Chinese restaurant, but it is a deep fried food. With use of AirGo Air Fryer function and pam oil, not only you can create this more health version, but enjoy a simple, easy and fumeless cooking experience. To purchase go to: AirGo cooker, with a coupon of maomao25 for $25 off.

芝麻馅糯米饼final AirGo  Glutinous Rice Cake with Sesame filling
Prepare time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 12 minutes
Level: low
Serves: 6 servings


1) 1.5 cups glutinous rice flour (210g);
2) 2 tbsp boiling water (30g), ½ cup +1tbsp water (135g);
Sesame filling:
3) 1/4 cup roasted sesame seeds (27g), 3 tbsp Monk fruit sugar (39g), 1 tbsp corn oil;
4) ½ cup panko;
5) Parchment paper 1 large piece, Pam.

1: Measure glutinous rice flour in a medium size bowl, add boiling water and stir to mix with a pair of chopstick (Picture 1), and add another ½ cup water to form a dough (Picture 2).
2. Place roasted sesame seeds in a plastic bag, seal and roll with a rolling pin to completely crush the sesame seeds, or you could use blender to crush the seeds. Transfer the crushed seeds to a medium size bowl and add rest of ingredients of Ingredient 3) and mix well (Picture 3).

芝麻馅糯米饼1 AirGo  Glutinous Rice Cake with Sesame filling

3. Place ½ cup panko in a small bowl (Picture 4). Divide the dough into 12 equal sized portions. Take one portion, indent with your thumb and shape it into a deep bowl. Spoon in 1.5 tsp sesame filling (Picture 5). Carefully work the dough up to cover the filling, seal the opening, and gently roll into a ball with your palms, and then press to a disc (Picture 6). Dip it in the panko and coated well (Picture 7). Repeat the process to finish all 12 cakes.

芝麻馅糯米饼2 AirGo  Glutinous Rice Cake with Sesame filling

4: Plugin the 【AirGo】cooker, line the pot with parchment paper, spray with pam (Picture 8) and arrange all glutinous rice cakes on it (Picture 9), cover the lid. Spray the pam on the cakes as well. Use “Function” to select the “Air Fryer” program, set temperature to 400F and time to 12 min. press “start”” to initiate the program.
5: When program progressed 6-7 minutes, open the lid and turn over the cakes (Picture 10), close the lid, and let the program continue.
6: When the program ends, open the lid, transfer cooked cakes to a serving plate, and serve warm.

pf button big AirGo  Glutinous Rice Cake with Sesame filling

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