Melt in Your Mouth【Enclosed Pineapple Tarts】 不一样的【凤梨酥】

Melt in Your Mouth【Enclosed Pineapple Tarts】
by MaomaoMom

This recipe is adapted from Table for 2…or more . I made some modifications. These enclosed pineapple tarts are so delicious, they just melt in your mouth.

 Melt in Your Mouth【Enclosed Pineapple Tarts】 不一样的【凤梨酥】

Meal type: Dessert
Prepare time: 2.5 hours
Cook time: 20 minutes
Level: Medium
Yield: 28 tarts (45g each)

Homemade pineapple jam:
1) 2 peeled and cored pineapples (total 1400g);
2) 1 tbsp dried osmanthus flowers or 1 small cinnamon stick;
3) 1.5 cups fine sugar (300g);
4) 2/3 cup butter (160g) softened to room temperature, ¼ cup sugar (52g), 2.5 tbsp Kraft PHILADELPHIA cream cheese;
5) 3.5 tbsp whipping cream (52.5g);
6) 2 large egg yolks;
7) 1.75 cups unsifted cake&pastry flour (265g), 3 tbsp corn starch (26g).


Homemade pineapple jam:
1: Cut pineapples into small pieces, discarding the core. Put ¼ of the pineapple pieces into the blender, add ½ cup of water and blend (Picture 1). Pour 80% of the blended pineapples into a non-stick pan (Picture 2). Add another portion of the pineapple pieces in the blender with the remaining 20% blended pineapple. Repeat the process until finish, always leaving some blended pineapple in the blender so that you don’t need to add more water.

2: Cook pineapple paste with 1 tbsp dried osmanthus flowers or cinnamon stick over medium-high heat until the texture resembles thick oatmeal (Picture 3). DO NOT STIR AT ALL! If you stir when the pineapple paste already loses majority water, it starts splattering horribly and it is very very hot, you risk getting burned. So never get to close to the pineapple during this process.

凤梨酥1 Melt in Your Mouth【Enclosed Pineapple Tarts】 不一样的【凤梨酥】

3: Reduce heat to medium-low heat, and add 300g sugar (Picture 4). It tends to splatter a bit, so wear your kitchen mittens and use the lid to shield the pan. Stir a few times to mix sugar. Cover the pan with the lid for 1-2 minutes until splattering stops. Remove the lid and continue cooking until all moisture escapes (Picture 5). Again DO NOT STIR! Increase the heat to medium-high. When the pineapple jam starts to caramelize on the bottom, keep stirring until it almost reaches the desired golden brown colour (Picture 6). Remove from heat, note that it continues to caramelize even when the heat is off. Cool the cooked pineapple jam in fridge while preparing the dough.

4: Place all ingredients of Ingredient 4) in a bowl (Picture 7), beat with a hand held mixer at high speed for a few minutes. Pour in whipping cream (Picture 8) and beat at medium speed for 1-2 minutes. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides from time to time. Don’t worry if it looks lumpy, it will turn all creamy later. Beat egg yolks by adding one at a time (Picture 9).

5: Sift flour and corn starch. Pour them into creamed butter and egg bowl (Picture 10). Beat on low speed until it comes together. Use a spatula to mix, until no dry flour lumps left (Picture 11), but do not over mix. Cover with plastic wrap and store in fridge while working on the filling.

凤梨酥2 Melt in Your Mouth【Enclosed Pineapple Tarts】 不一样的【凤梨酥】

Assemble tarts:
6: Based on your mold size, divide pineapple jam and dough to equal weight. For example, I use 22.5g pineapple jam and 22.5g dough for my 45g molds. When roll pineapple jam into balls (Picture 12), make sure your hands are clean and a bit wet for easy handling.

7: Take each portion of dough, roll to a ball and flatten it with your palms into a circle about 6 cm in diameter. Place a portion of the pineapple jam filling on top (Picture 13). With both hands, gently push up the dough to cover the filling completely (Picture 14). It is easier to work with clean hands and if the pineapple jam is chilled. Do not over handle the dough, work as quickly as you can. It may help if you use small amount of dry flour during the process.

8: Place wrapped tart in the mold. Press down to fill the mold (Picture 15). Repeat for the remaining portions. Place pineapple tarts with molds on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.

9: Bake at 360Ffor 15 minutes and then turn them over (Picture 16). Bake for another 5 minutes until surface turns golden brown. Remove from the oven and let cool. When tarts are completely cooled, serve with tea. They are so delicious and just melt in your mouth.

 Melt in Your Mouth【Enclosed Pineapple Tarts】 不一样的【凤梨酥】

Leftover tarts can be stored in airtight containers in the fridge for up to 2 weeks

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