Yogurt DIY

Yogurt DIY

By Maomaomom

酸奶3 Yogurt DIY
With a InstantPot, an electric pressure cooker , you can conveniently make yogurt yourself!

Prepare Time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Stand time: 10 hours
Level: Easy
Serves: 6 servings


1. 1L 2% milk;
2. 1 container vanilla yogurt (100g);
3: 1T sugar.


1: Bring milk to boil in a medium size non-stick pot on high heat. Cool to near room temperature. Then add yogurt and sugar and stir to mix. Divide the mixture into 4 cups
酸奶1 Yogurt DIY
2: Take out your InstantPot , add water to 4C mark and put all four cups in. Cover the lid and choose “Keep Warm” function for 15minutes and then unplug it. Let the pot with cover on stand for 10 hours (9PM-7AM)
3: Open the cover and take out yogurt, cover with plastic wrap and chill a few hours before serving.

Maomaomom’s Note: 1C=240ml, 1t=5ml and 1T=15 ml.

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