InstantPot 70 Delicious Dishes 七十道美味菜

【InstantPot 70 Delicious Dishes 七十道美味菜】ebook is released!

Busy, no time to cook?! Then follow the 70 easy step-by-step Instant Pot recipes from to enrich your family dinner table and have a great family mealtime.

Have a glance of samples:

 InstantPot 70 Delicious Dishes 七十道美味菜

To purchase [InstantPot 70 Delicious Dishes] for $3.99 USD:

pixel InstantPot 70 Delicious Dishes 七十道美味菜
pf button big InstantPot 70 Delicious Dishes 七十道美味菜

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20 Responses to InstantPot 70 Delicious Dishes 七十道美味菜

  1. Fang Chen says:

    Hello Maomaomom, I just purchased your new book. But it is weird because the computer didn’t ask me for shipping address. my Receipt number: 9M670221D6323915C. Do you have my address? When will I be able to receive the book? Thanks.

  2. sharon says:


  3. Sarah says:

    您好,请问instant pot的菜谱有纸书卖吗?

  4. Sarah says:


  5. Xiao says:

    很喜欢毛毛妈的菜谱, 买了一本:)

  6. Jennifer says:

    请问菜谱有英文的吗?想中英文菜谱都要. 谢谢

  7. Simon lor says:

    我剛剛比了PayPal us$4.51 我點樣接受食譜呢?

  8. Faye Shen says:

    毛毛妈,您好。我一直想向您说谢谢。我的精湛厨艺都是您网站手把手教的。我来加国时连油盐酱醋都不知道。有一次有幸搜索到您的网站,自那以后,我老公再也没抱怨了。孩子们也有口福了。我刚买了instant pot书,您还有别的书吗,我要买。我做菜时您的网站是必备的。谢谢您。

  9. Nancy says:


  10. Jeng says:

    毛毛妈,PayPal买了菜谱, Transaction ID 8E605870NU687122B. 如何收到电子菜谱呢? 谢谢.

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