【Chinese Style Hot Pepper Relish】

【Chinese Style Hot Pepper Relish】

By MaomaoMom

Hot pepper relish is used in many Chinese dishes, such as steamed fish head with hot pepper relish, popular in Hunan province.

剁辣椒fp2 【Chinese Style Hot Pepper Relish】

Prepare time: 20 minutes

Stand time: 1 week

Level: low

Serves: 20 servings


1) 350g fresh hot red pepper;

2) 2 tsp salt, 2 tsp vodka or Chinese whiskey , 1 tbsp freshly minced garlic.


1: Wash and stem hot peppers. Pat dry and leave on the countertop to dry for 24 hours (Picture 1).

2: Cut hot peppers into small pieces. Place them in a clean and dry bowl, add all ingredients of Ingredient 2) (Picture 3). Mix well with a clean and dry spoon.

剁辣椒fp1 【Chinese Style Hot Pepper Relish】

3. Cover with plastic food wrap and let it stand for 48 hours under room temperature (Picture 4).

4: Transfer hot pepper relish into a clean glass jar and cover the lid. Store in the fridge for 5 days before serving.

剁辣椒fp2 【Chinese Style Hot Pepper Relish】

pf button big 【Chinese Style Hot Pepper Relish】

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29 Responses to 【Chinese Style Hot Pepper Relish】

  1. eve says:


  2. 兔子妈妈 says:

    毛毛妈,这个剁椒能买到现成的吗?什么牌子比较好?我比较懒 :)

    • MaomaoMom says:


      • 兔子妈妈 says:

        老外的 red pepper relish 不成是吧?还有毛毛妈,谢谢您总是这么及时回复!这么多好吃的,这么精心的菜谱和网站,您一定非常忙,还这么及时回复我们的问题。您可真是我们全北美华人妈妈的偶像!外加上我那加拿大老公,对您崇拜得五体投地!:)

      • MaomaoMom says:

        老外的 red pepper relish 可能味道不对,你可以到华人超市看看有没有剁椒。


  3. 兔子妈妈 says:

    毛毛妈,来向您汇报一下,懒人我没找到别的,于是就用的老外的sub sandwich relish代替, 没想到用在您的很多菜谱里效果就相当不错。那天尝试了您的糊涂鸡,兔子爸爸说都把他吃 ‘糊涂’了。所以想在这里与其他像我这样的懒妈分享一下 :D

  4. CC princess says:


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