【Dim Sum & Desserts】中式点心

【Dim Sum & Desserts】is released!

My first eBook【Dim Sum & Desserts】is finally released! Do you crave the delicious Chinese dim sum and desserts or simply miss the foods that you had as a child back in China? Follow these step-by-step recipes selected from MaomaoMom.com, and enjoy the oriental cuisine or let them take you on a trip down memory lane.

Have a glance of samples:

clickinside 【Dim Sum & Desserts】中式点心
Please go to the following link to purchase:

ebook of [Dim Sum & Desserts] for $2.99 CAN

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It is also available at:

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  1. tan wang says:


  2. XUAN says:



  3. Tracy Yang says:

    Thanks, Maomao Ma and Maomao Ba.

    Didn’t know until now that your family is in Christ.

    Grateful to GOD that to have family like you, sharing the recipe and Heavenly grain to all.

    God bless you all,


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