AirGo-萝卜肉丸Air Fryer daikon meat balls

【AirGo- Air Fryer daikon meat balls】

I used AirGo to make this dish without any frying oil, the meat balls are very tender and juicy. To purchase AirGo go to: AirGo cooker, with a coupon of maomao25 for $25 off.

 AirGo 萝卜肉丸Air Fryer daikon meat balls
Prepare time: 25 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Level: low
Serves: 5 servings


1) 450g extra lean ground pork;
2) ½ small daikon (250g);
3) 3 green onions finely chopped, 2g ginger minced;
4) 2/3 tsp salt, 1/3 tsp ground Sichuan peppercorn or Chinese thirteen spices mix, 1 tbsp corn starch, 1 tbsp sesame oil,;
5) 1 tbsp premium soy sauce, 1 tbsp dark soy sauce, 1/4 tsp chicken broth mix;
6) 1/2 cup all-purpose flour;
7): 1 large piece parchment paper.

1: Peel off skin of the daikon, slice and then chopped finely. Combine all ingredients of Ingredient 1) to 5) in a bowl (Picture 1). Stir in one direction for 3 minutes with a pair of chopsticks, until the mixture becomes sticky (Picture 2), set aside.
2: Place 1/2 cup flour in a plastic bag. Spoon out about 2.5 tbsp meat mixture and shape it in your palm until it forms a ball and place in the flour (Picture 3). When 5 meat balls are done, shake the bag gently and let the meat balls to coat with flour evenly. Dust off excess flour and place the meat balls on a parchment paper (Picture 4), set aside. Finish all meat balls.

 AirGo 萝卜肉丸Air Fryer daikon meat balls

3: Plugin the 【AirGo】cooker, use “Function” to select the “Air Fryer” program, set temperature to 415F and time to 15 min. press “start” to initiate the program. After preheat, open the lid, place meat balls alone with parchment paper in the pot (Picture5), and then close the lid (Picture6) to let the program continue.
4: When only 4 min cooking time left (or upon when beeping), open the lid, turn over the meat balls (Picture 7), close the lid and cook until the program ends. Transfer cooked meat balls to a serving plate and serve warm, very delicious.

pf button big AirGo 萝卜肉丸Air Fryer daikon meat balls

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  1. Nancy says:

    Yummy. Cannot wait to make these. My question, is this a special pot?

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