Chicken potato rice

终结版–【土豆鸡肉焖饭】–English follows

这次用 快煲电压力锅“煮饭”的功能做了这个土豆鸡肉焖饭,很方便,快捷,饭又好吃噢。

土豆鸡肉焖饭 Chicken potato rice
1:鸡腿400克,洗净沥水;万字牌生抽酱油1大匙,老抽酱油1大匙,白胡椒1/8茶匙,盐1/4茶匙,香油1茶匙,生粉1大匙, 水2大匙。这一步最好提前一天做,鸡肉嫩滑;

注:1大匙=15毫升=1 Tablespoon,1茶匙=5毫升=1 Teaspoon,1杯=240毫升。

土豆鸡肉焖饭1 Chicken potato rice
4、快煲电压力锅完成程序后,再等10分钟,放气减压打开盖。 放入5料拌匀,盖盖焖5分钟,就可以开饭了。

土豆鸡肉焖饭 Chicken potato rice


pf button big Chicken potato rice

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28 Responses to Chicken potato rice

  1. Pearl says:

    Tasty and easy! I made this in my Mini Duo. I thought I might need to do it in 2 batches since is a Mini Instant pot, but as written it is just at the 1/2 full level, so perfect. I used the Rice setting- I didn’t realize that was a Pressure Cook program. It sad “Auto” on the panel, so okay, it’s an Auto setting. Time of cooking on the panel was 14 minutes. It came out tasty! Rice done, potatoes done, liquid absorbed. I made sure to cut the potatoes 1/4 inch, I don’t like underdone potatoes. I had it with steamed broccoli. I would use part low sodium soy sauce next time, it’s salty to me. I didn’t add any extra salt. But a keeper. Love these Instant Pots.

  2. Daniel says:

    In the instant pot recipe book
    I’m confused about step 2 and 3 for the chicken and potato rice recipe.
    Step 3 says to transfer all cooked chicken with liquid into the inner pot. I’m assuming this means the marinade
    And then it says to add chicken stock , soy sauce ect.. But I thought that the chicken stock was already added when it says to transfer all cooked chicken with liquid into inner pot. It would help alot if the recipe explained clearly what to do with the marinade using the word marinade so it’s not confusing

  3. Danielle says:

    This recipe is a disaster as precious commenters said. So confusing and she’s keeps on changing it. I clicked rice setting but it didn’t even pressurize. Just wasted $20 worth of chicken.


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