Soy Milk DIY

Soy Milk DIY

By Maomaomom

香醇豆浆DIY21 Soy Milk DIY

I like soy milk a lot. Before I bought this InstantPot, an electric pressure cooker ,it was a quite trouble to cook raw soy milk with a non-stick sauce pot on a stove. When you boil raw soy milk on a stove, you need to monitor it very carefully at near boiling and turn down the heat promptly. Otherwise it will over flow to the stove counter the minute at its boiling, and then you have a huge mess to clean. Since I bought this InstantPot, an electric pressure cooker , my headache is gone when making soy milk at home. This electric pressure cooker is very to use, quite, plug in, set program and leave it alone, 35 minutes later, you can enjoy your wonder soy milk.

Prepare Time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 35minutes
Level: low
Serves: 8 servings

1. 1.25C dry soy beans;
2. 8C water.
Others: Cheese cloth one big pieces, blender
1: Wash soy beans and soak over night.
2: Add half soaked soy beans and 2C water into a blender, grind for 1.5 minutes. Pour mixture through cheese cloth into the inner pot of InstantPot.
3: Put the soy bean paste left on the cheese cloth back to the blender, add 2C water and grind for another minute. Pour the mixture through the cheese cloth again into the inner pot of InstantPot.
香醇豆浆DIY11 Soy Milk DIY
4: Repeat 2-3 steps for the remaining soy beans and collect all soy milk into the inner pot of the InstantPot.
5: Put the inner pot back to the InstantPot, plug in, select “soup” function with normal cooking time and start.
6: When it’s done, wait for 10 minutes before vent the pot and open the lid.

Maomaomom’s Note: 1C=240ml, 1t=5ml and 1T=15 ml.

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17 Responses to Soy Milk DIY

  1. Brandt says:

    One thing I would add with the Instapot method is, when releasing steam, you will have a huge mess, UNLESS you wrap a towel around the valve before releasing. This will allow a much more controlled release. I had soy milk coming out of the valves (The metal safety valve and release valve) with only 2 cups of soybean and 8 cups water in a relatively large 6 Quart Instapot. I will try 3 cups next time using this method. I think I have the process down now since I have done it several times and have learned from some of my mistakes. I use this primarily for making tofu though, not soymilk.

  2. Shirley says:

    Can you use Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker/Strainer in place of cheesecloth? I have both to make Greek Yogurt, but wondering if the strainer will work to strain fiber (it’s much easier to clean than cheesecloth). Thank you.

  3. Terry says:

    I use 90 mesh grade cheesecloth (Amazon has selection). Also I coagulate using whey from the previous batch. Let it sit for few days until it reaches an acidity of 3 – 4 then refrigerate. Those who ferment veggies will be familiar with this process. It’s trickier, takes more than other coagulants to curdle, but makes a wonderful tasting, aromatic tofu, and freezes with a very meaty texture. It’s a traditional village method and so worth it.

  4. Terry says:

    PS -unless you have a source of pure water such as a well, use purified or distilled water for this method.

    I’m also curious if using the “sterilize/boil setting in the Yogurt setting on an instant pot would work too?

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