Pressure cooker recipe

As modern life gets faster and busier, we are seeking safe, easy and efficient ways to cook nutritious meals for our families. As a professional woman, a mother and wife, I like to use an electric pressure cooker for its fast, easy, safe and nutritious cooking of healthy meals for my family.

I bought this InstantPot electric pressure cooker a year and half ago. I became the biggest fan of this cooking device.

instantpot 2 Pressure cooker recipe

Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker is designed by Canadians specifically for North American consumers. I use it daily to cook multigrain congee without fuss and also use it to cook meat and poultry. Over the years, I have created and tested many recipes in my kitchen. See below recipe links.

smartcooker script 39x60 Pressure cooker recipe InstantPot Smart multifunction pressure cooker is just released. This pressure cooker can be fully controlled by iphone or ipad using its app. You can download a recipe script into the InstantPot Smart Cooker app.

If you are interested, you can purchase it from their store as well at InstantPot store and you can use the “maomaomom” coupon for a $10 off and a free delivery。~

US or Canadian customers can buy it from

Click the picture to see details!

 Pressure cooker recipe
干豆角烧排骨final Pressure cooker recipe
 Pressure cooker recipe
 Pressure cooker recipe
香肠木薯燕麦米饭final Pressure cooker recipe
烧排骨F1 Pressure cooker recipe
红烧排骨final Pressure cooker recipe
红酒牛排2 Pressure cooker recipe
酱烧牛肉F2 Pressure cooker recipe
姬松茸烧蹄膀F Pressure cooker recipe
土豆烧蹄膀F1 Pressure cooker recipe
腊肠土豆饭F1 Pressure cooker recipe
红烧猪蹄pf2 Pressure cooker recipe
荷香粉蒸排骨fp2 Pressure cooker recipe
 Pressure cooker recipe
粉蒸排骨21 258x258 Pressure cooker recipe
 Pressure cooker recipe
 Pressure cooker recipe
pf button big Pressure cooker recipe

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  1. tahary says:


  2. LUCY says:


  3. Carl says:

    我经朋友的推荐买了这instant pot 锅(十月底 2015. 收到之后第一次用就有很多躁音。和厂家沟通之后他们一直认为是锅的底座有问题就接连送了两个锅的底座。但是继续产生嗓音(very annoying noise)。每次打support 都没有人并且接留言之后从来不回电话。电邮也不全回。 产品有问题沒有关糸但是服务不能这样。不知您是否可以帮助。


  4. Carl says:


  5. Carl says:

    Called instant pot sales and support numerise times in the past several days and no one bother to respond or call me back. It is not expected to be a product,quality and services, recommended from you.

    • MaomaoMom says:

      最近可能放假,他们客服一直很好的。 你再联系看看。你的锅,注意项圈都放好了,阀里面看看项圈是不是也在并且要放密封位置,你可以发个视频给我看看。

  6. Agnes says:

    I want to buy instant pot from its website. But where do I type to indicate maomaomom coupon? NO place to type it in to get $50 off at check out.

  7. wendy says:

    請問壓力鍋可以一鍋3菜嗎? 鍋子疊起來會不會危險? 謝謝

  8. Lili says:

    I received the below message:
    The promotional code you entered is not valid.

    I’m interested in getting one but not at full price. Please let me know if there’s a new code.


  9. 想要开始学煮菜的小穴 says:

    请问下这个promotion code寄往加拿大也好用吗?还是我应该在加拿大的amazon上买?

  10. 新手媽咪 says:

    想請問你 請問這壓力鍋可以拿來炸排骨或雞排嗎 我買了這款壓力鍋 大部份都是燉煮 沒有試過炸物 所以想請問你 壓力鍋可以做出酥脆炸物的食物嗎? 先謝謝毛毛媽!

  11. Li says:


  12. tek says:

    請問一下 如果把吃剩的菜保溫 四個小時還能吃嗎

  13. Melinda says:

    Do you have the recipes for the Chinese dishes from the Instant Pot recipe booklet? The booklet is only is Chinese for the Chinese recipes. :( Thank you!

  14. VS says:


  15. Shawn Chang says:

    Dear MaomaoMom,

    Have you tried cooking the Chinese beef noodle soup? For that beef stew, what settings for cooking with the Instantpot?

  16. 蛋蛋 says:


    平时炖西红柿牛腩,黄豆猪脚,排骨这样的不知道该选择哪个功能。有时候用steam觉得挺快的,上汽特快。有时候用的slow cook感觉耶蛮好吃 就是时间久一点。。

  17. Lily says:


  18. Mary says:

    Could you please add me to your mailing list.

  19. 啊婕 says:


  20. Susan says:


  21. Tyas says:

    What do you think of the result of cooking rice in InstantPot vs traditional rice cooker? Thank you!

  22. 齐齐 says:

    毛毛妈你好,我用instantpot做牛肉,牛肉块大概是2cm x 2cm, 然后用meat/stew档,我的时间是30分钟,我做了俩次,中间没有放压,第一次做好直接做第二次,请问我的牛肉做熟了吗?还有这个和manual一小时做肉有区别吗?


    谢谢 :)

  23. 月亮弯弯 says:


  24. Bobi says:


    我买了instant pot 用了一礼拜,今天忽然发现盖子里面没有anti-block shield,

  25. Song says:

    请问这个Instant Pot的锅可以做清蒸鱼吗?初学做菜,能稍微指导一下用这个锅做清蒸鱼的流程吗?我的是6Qt的,谢谢

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